You have options.
ERC Benefits is Different.

When it comes to filing for your ERC you want to choose a partner that you can depend on, one that is focused on your best interest.

At ERC Benefits, we do just that. We are 100% focused on providing our clients with a first-class experience.

Let us show you the ERC Benefits difference.

Our passion is why we do this

Every member of our team is a champion of small business and always has been. 

Each one of us comes from a small business background, even those of us that have had decades of corporate experience. When the CARES Act was passed into law, we immediately started working to educate small businesses about this impactful tax benefit.  

We Believe in Small Businesses because we are one.

We will not claim to be a large payroll company or PEO. Precisely the opposite.

Our small, highly skilled team is laser-focused on providing the best possible client experience. We work hand-in-hand with our ERC Clients and we are on a first name basis with most.


Complimentary Assessment

Our service is strictly on a contingency basis. We don’t get paid until you receive your money from the IRS.

We will calculate the exact amount of your ERC Eligibility without charging a fee. Once you know what you’re eligible for, we only ask for a small security deposit if you choose to proceed and have us file your ERC Benefits.

We tell you what you’re eligible for within 5 – 7 business days in most cases.


Choose the best-possible ERC Partner

If you haven’t seen it already, there are ERC Processing companies cropping up everywhere. 

Some are not actually doing processing; they are sending their clients to a 3rd party processing company, and some are asking for fees of up to 30% in some cases or payments upfront.

Competitive Rates

Our rates for processing ERC are the best in our industry.

We help business owners save thousands just by choosing us over other ERC Providers. We also work on a sliding scale – the larger your return, the lower our rates.

Audit-Ready, Guaranteed.

Our data collection is thorough – filing your ERC doesn’t just happen with a simple online form.

We can qualify you quickly, but we also make sure you are completely buttoned up before submitting. Your ERC Claim will be guaranteed through the unlikely event of an audit, and we will stand by our work.

We Look Forward to Meeting You

Partner with us, because we care, and because your business doesn't need another hassle. We hope to talk with you soon.